MANBET - 骄傲地作为谷县自1913年以来的声音





自制的商人托马斯“汤姆”汤普森离开了人世,周三,译者: 5,2020年,在他的家他的家人的爱包围着,就像他想要的,与肺癌的战斗后。

Tom was born in Spokane, Wash., on May 14, 1957, to Kenny and Sharon Thompson. He joined siblings Debby, Brian, and Diana. The family moved to Glasgow that September of 1957. Little sister Lisa joined the family in 1967. His father Kenny worked for Jim Archambeault to support his family and ironically, nearly 50 years later, the family owns that business, T & R Trucking. Tom's work ethic was his strongest trait second only to being able to fix anything or figure out a way around those things he couldn't fix. There are few in our community who haven't said, "Call Thompson's, Tommy can do anything." He loved wrestling and was known as the "tall skinny guy with a welding hat." His favorite part of wrestling, other than coaching his own kids, was coaching the little guys who were just getting started. Tom was an expert firefighter traveling to many states with his Caterpillar to overcome the largest blazes. He took pride in the fact that he "saved the town of Landusky" using his expertise and perhaps a little belligerence by taking on government agency rules.

Tom's vision led him to a variety of entrepreneurial adventures including an excavating business, a manure hauling business in 1992 (inspired by a "deal" with Orville Fossum), providing the community with steel when Pacific Steel went out of business and culminating yet again by providing a service to Valley County through T & R Trucking. Tommy's impact on this community himself, and through the legacy of his children, has been immense. Numerous young men and women grew and developed under Tom's watchful eye and "inspiring talks."



汤姆和黎明麦弗逊结婚6月13日,1976年他们创造了生命与格拉斯哥的家人以西他们灌输的是同样的工作在他们的孩子伦理。汤姆和黎明有三个孩子,岩石(haylee)汤普森,布兰迪·汤普森(内森),和Josh(曼迪)汤普森。汤姆觉得喜得孙子,keagan,猎人,罗文和塞勒;哈珀,哈德利和ADELINE;乔丹(Michael),德文(玛吉)和kenee RAE。他也很自豪他的曾孙,kayge的。



家人收到朋友在贝尔太平间5至下午7时,周日,译者: 9.服务是周一,译者: 10,在汤普森和儿子,格拉斯哥以西上午11时。




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